KADOS version 1.5 publiée

Une nouvelle version majeure a été publiée sur Sourceforge.

Vous pouvez la télécharger ici : http://sourceforge.net/projects/kados/files/kados_v1.5.0.zip/download

Cette version corrige 6 anomalies et ajoute ou améliore 9 fonctionnalités :

US375 – EVOL – As an admin, I want to be able to add user from an LDAP in order to give them a profile without waiting for them to log first
US372 – EVOL – As an user, I want to see which task is allocated to whom in order to reaffect tasks
US410 – EVOL – As an admin, I want to allow users or not to add US in a Release Backlog, regardless of the same right on the Product Backlog
US414 – EVOL – As a PO/SM, I want to be able to track non-functionnal tasks in a Kanban based on a tasks template set
US417 – EVOL – Automatically record updates of workload to finish on tasks instead of the button on top of the board
US430 – EVOL – En tant que responsable de projet, je voudrais pouvoir créer des sprints qui se chevauchent pour un projet itératif et non-Scrum
US432 – EVOL – As an user I want to have a new design for post-it : color gradient and rounded corners and shadows…
US433 – EVOL – Change home menu : display a house instead of portfolio label
US435 – EVOL – Sur le board de sprint, en tant que membre de l’équipe pouvoir filtrer ma liste de tâches qui me sont affectées ie n’afficher que les US où j’ai des tâches affectées pour les bouger plus vite
US431 – BUG – US are not sorted in the sprint dashboard. Could they be sorted by US number ?
US434 – BUG – when no project is selected, php errors in the issue history and trash pages
US416 – BUG – When updating a risk or a problem, le ID linked US is not the one displayed in the US e-postit
US420 – BUG – In the backlog dashboards for creating tasks, the button for sending the US in deck is shown whereas there is no deck
US422 – BUG – In the actions board, the column header are in French even on the English language
US424 – BUG – When the projects columns for tasks are not selected, in Product and release backlog view for adding tasks, there is a PHP error : no task column is found.