RoadMap is available in the KADOS instance that manages KADOS development. It is the least that can be done : since KADOS is the best SCRUM tool in the world, we must use it for project management !

You can take a look at the roadmap and the progress of next release :
Log with user pokados and password pokados

You will be able to add a feature request or a bug by creating a new user story !

Here is the content of the next release R10-GreenBee: rss

  • : US611 - No task - Release content R11-YellowCat
    Check security, access between projects and acces to US from other projects
  • : US649 - No task - Release content R11-YellowCat
    As a product owner I want a specialized back log page with epic stories and user stories. It should be possible to track the completeness of the epic story. So a non-technical user can track the backlog. TEAM : Epics are more or less Features. It would be like a sprint backlog, where you can create US for each Feature/Epic
  • : US752 - No task - Release content R11-YellowCat
    Remove fancybox and use standard dialog window
  • : US759 - No task - Release content R11-YellowCat
    Les liens internes aux pages qui utilisent des éléments du menu ne sont pas à jour : il reste des éléments de niveau 2

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