KADOS release R9-RedTiger has been published

A new major release has been published on SourceForge. Less than a year after R8, here is the R9-RedTiger that improves KADOS.

You can download here the new release : https://sourceforge.net/projects/kados/files/latest/download?source=navbar

The main new features are:

  • Wizard for installation and update: you have to deploy the source code, but the next steps are automatized.
  • A small forum for each US or task
  • Exclusive tags
  • Groups of tags
  • Attachments for tasks and an improved way to display attachments
  • Improvements on filters and ordering functions
  • A new theme and a few modifications on the design of tables and buttons for all themes
  • ….

Many thanks to Edson, Goesta and Jose-Ramon for translations.

Many thanks to Sebastian for bug fixes on LDAP.

And this release delivers the fix for the oldest bug in Kados (three years at least): the last column on a board was always going under the board when zooming out. That is fixed !

Documentation is up to date on http://docs.kados.info

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