Welcome on the KADOS website

Next release will soon be there !

Activity has slow down on KADOS due to vacations and other activities for the team during a few weeks.

But now, we are focused on finishing the next release, R8. This release name is new : the releases will no more be named with the template x.y.z but just with a number and a funny (from our point of view) name !

Then the v1.8 becomes the R8 SilverBird, the next one will be R9 RedTiger, then the R10 GreenBee and the R11 YellowCat.

Moreover, the team will try to have a release every six months, that is to say on May and November. The v1.7 was released on May 2014 and we are doing the best to have the R8 SilverBird released on November (let’s say before Christmas !)

For further informations, take a look at the roadmap on http://roadmap.kados.info

See you soon !

KADOS is web-based tool for managing SCRUM projects and other Agile projects

It allows teams to manage their projects through multiple dashboards on which they can pin e-postit for User Stories, Tasks, Risks, Problems, Notes, Actions etc…

KADOS has been build by a PHP team to replace the Excel Product Backlog of SCRUM projects.

This team has an old and deep reluctance to use Excel files as project management tools and has been tempted to use other quite efficient SCRUM tools, but they were Java based :(

After a few queries in SourceForge and other Free Software repositories, the team was unable to find a decent PHP SCRUM tool alive.
Then, the team decided to build its own tool and after a few releases to stabilize the software, the team published it as a Free Software.

KADOS was born !  logo

Its main feature is to provide many screens where the user can move his post-it to change one of the attributes of the post-it, whereas in other tools, you have to edit the post-it through a form.
Kados supports most aspects and artifacts of SCRUM method, but it can also be adapted for other agile methods.
Kados is available in French, English,Spanish and soon German version : each user can choose his default language.

It is published and updated by Marmotte Technologies